Fraud Invetigations

Insurance, Personal injury and benefit fraud


Research conducted by the ABI estimates that in 2013 alone £1.3b of insurance fraud was detected, that works out to an extortionate £3.5m each day. These figures are shocking but it is more worrying to know that an estimated further £2.1b went undetected. These figures only account for insurance fraud and not personal injury or benefit fraud.

The ABI have considered the impact of fraud on consumers and estimated that insurance fraud adds an additional £50 to every household’s annual insurance premium because ultimately consumers paying increased premiums cover the cost of fraud.

Our team have worked on cases of all sizes and have experience working with all natures of fraud. Whether
it is insurance fraud, personal injury fraud or benefit fraud we are happy to assist you in obtaining the evidence needed to resolve the issue.

We offer support all the way through the investigation, from an initial consultation where we offer free advice right through to preparing evidence that can be presented in court. If the evidence is questioned our investigators will be willing to appear in court to support the claims they have made and the witness statement they have provided.

Case Study

Our client approached us only 8 days before their court hearing, they wanted to prove that the subject had made false claims about the extent of their physical disability, we were asked to conduct surveillance each afternoon and to observe the subjects movements.

They provided us with a physical description of the subject, their address and their suspected routine. We supplied a single man surveillance team to monitor the subjects property and on the third day noticed that he was being assisted into a vehicle and leaving the property for some length of time.

We reported this back to our client and requested that we increase the surveillance team to include another operative to allow us to pursue the vehicle and observe the subjects behaviour as we felt they were much more likely to act naturally when they were away from their home address.

The following day our team observed the subject leaving the property and pursued the vehicle for approximately 15 miles, we then observed the subject walking from their vehicle into another property. Our team set up in a surveillance vehicle and waited for the subject to return, using a specially designed vehicle our operative was able to obtain high quality footage of the subject walking 200 yards to their vehicle without any assistance.

Our client was ecstatic with the results and presented the evidence in court, the report included a signed witness statement and met all of the requirements of the court however the defence tried to argue that the footage was obtained earlier that stated. Our operative attended court and provided testimony to verify that the footage was indeed obtained at the time/location specified, ultimately the footage was accepted used as a crucial piece of evidence.


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