Bug Sweeping

Counter-Surveillance (TCSM), Listening Device & Hidden Camera Detection

Using a combination of the latest technology and experience we will guarantee to protect your privacy and keep your conversations safe by detecting and removing any hidden devices. Peace of mind is priceless and we will provide you with that by ensuring our sweep is conducted meticulously.
Our sweep will determine if there have been any listening/monitoring devices installed in your home, office, or vehicle. We will examine all power sources as well as scan for any radio frequencies to ensure that there is nothing of concern, if we do find anything suspicious we can disable or remove the device and give you an idea of what has been monitored.
We can also teach you techniques and practices to protect yourself from being monitored or subjected to surveillance – if you feel somebody is watching, following or listening to you, we can find out who it is, how they are doing it and prevent it from happening in the future.

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Bug Sweeping

  • Experience Fitting & Removing Devices
  • Discrete & Covert
  • Buildings & Vehicles
  • Latest Sweeping Technology
  • Proven Techniques
  • Disposal Of Devices


Can you trace all bugs/listening deivces?

Yes, we use the very latest bug sweeping technology. We invest heavily in this area and always keep upto date with the very latest equipment and listening devices on the market.

Will my house/office or vehicle need to be empty?

Yes, we require the sweep area to be as quiet and as evacuated as possible. This makes it easier for us to work our highly sensitive equipment to its highest standard.

Do you check for devices in Vehicles?

Yes we check for devices anywhere there maybe a suspicion a device has been planted. this includes all rooms in a house, offices, board rooms, meeting rooms, cars, gyms, receptions, we will sweep anything you have under suspicion.

When can you start?

Do to the highly sensitive nature of listening device cases we can start the sweep within 24 hours. Sometime we can start sooner than this depending on our availability and the urgency of the sweep.

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Worried somebody is listening to your conversations or following you?

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Other Services

  • Lie Detector Test (Polygraph Test)

    Lie Detector Test (Polygraph Test)

    Determine if somebody is telling the truth by taking our Lie Detector Test at one of our offices or in your own home

  • Matrimonial Investigations

    Matrimonial Investigations

    We are specialists at identifying unfaithful behaviour, dealing with matrimonial issues and catching cheating partners

  • Vehicle Tracking

    Vehicle Tracking

    Our vehicle tracking service lets you monitor a vehicles movements 24 hours a day 7 days a week, with exceptional accuracy.

  • Surveillance


    Our investigators are trained to the highest standards and ready to conduct surveillance operations within 24 hours


  • Results are always accurate, job is always completed on time, we have worked with Reveal for some time and will continue to do so.

    Anon, Kenilworth

  • Much faster than other companies I have used, would do business again

    DO, Warwick

  • I found the investigators very friendly and I am happy with how the investigation went, it is difficult to admit there is a problem but it's always better to know the truth than try to ignore it

    HP, Coventry